About Aleesha

Hi there!

My name is Aleesha and I’m a self-confessed archaeology nerd. Having adored learning about the ancient world since I was little, I lived the dream at Macquarie University and the University of Newcastle, where I graduated from my Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Ancient History & Classical Languages and Sociology & Anthropology.

My time at Macquarie, where they specialise in Ancient Egypt, saw me learn to read and write Middle Egyptian Hieroglyphs, as well as get hands-on with artefacts at the Ancient Cultures Museum while being taught by world-famous Egyptologists. Back in my hometown of Newcastle, I rounded out my studies with a spot of Ancient Greek and Roman society.

At the end 2010, I began freelance writing for Archaeological Diggings Journals / Magazine Australia, and have been working for them until the change of ownership occurred during the end of 2013 . With some Archaeological Journalism as my sideline, I also somehow managed to had some time to get married in 2012, and am now living with my husband in Melbourne, home of the arts, trams, coffee – and the occasional rainy day.

During early 2012, I also took part in helping the AAA website, by helping researching and setting up dates of events that had been taking part around the local and Australian wide community. Later in 2012 my skills and knowledge came into good use as I was accepted to become a volunteer at the famous Melbourne Museum. Here I helped participate in educational activities for visitor as a Front of Door Volunteer, and then became a gallery explainer for the Aztec exhibition that was held at the Museum for a limited time.

Changes in 2014, Meant, I finally got to travel overseas to Europe with my Husband. Finally getting to see some of the old and historical sites in Germany, Paris and Berlin with its amazing Museums, made me felt like it was a dream to be exploring new lands and bring back the spark in my love for Archaeology. During 2013 after the Magazine writing had discontinued, I also had a break from writing while exploring the world.

My time in 2015, I had recently gone through some tough times with finding out that I have been diagnosed with DDD (Degenerative Disc Disease), which had caused me to take a depressive turn, this was a tough road.

Unexpected turn so far in 2016, so much has happened this year. Firstly I got an exciting opportunity to do my first ever excavation dig in Victoria with the amazing crew from Alpha Archaeology.

Next, I had major surgery to get my C6-7 disc replaced in my neck due to the seriousness of DDD which had caused so much chronic pain to prevent me to enjoy writing articles and just missing out on being part of the Australian Dinosaur Dig in Queensland.

Another big decision was to move back to Newcastle (my home town) so we could be closer to family and friends, also potentially to buy a house and start having children. During just moving back home my Mum became unexpectantly ill with Pancretitis and sadly passed away a few weeks ago. This has been one of the hardest and saddest moments in my life. As a result of this I have been delayed to produce my next article. I will be putting my next article up and be making it in loving memoriam to her.

 I hope that my next comeback article, will bring back some feedback to push me into the creative path of my passion of the Ancient World once more.

Enjoy Egyptology!

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